Bar Food

  • un cornetto/una brioche pastry/croissant
  • un ventaglio fan-shaped pastry
  • un ciambellone ring-shaped cake, traditionally homemade, can be plain or chocolate
  • una crostata tart, usually with jam or fruit and cream
  • un tramezzino sandwich in a triangular form made of soft white bread, typical of Rome and Venice
  • un panino sandwich
  • una focaccia sandwich made up of a slice of white pizza stuffed in various ways
  • una pizzetta small pizza
  • una piadina a thin Italian tortilla or flatbread, typical of the Emilia Romagna region
  • un toast a toasted sandwich
  • una bruschetta a slice of toasted bread with various toppings
  • un crostino same idea as bruschetta but slice of bread is smaller

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