Coffee in Italy

  • un caffè classic, no frills, just a shot of espresso
  • caffè doppio a “double”, with two shots
  • caffè ristretto a “short” one, a small shot of strong black coffee
  • caffè corretto a “corrected” coffee, with a shot of liquor (grappa, amaretto or sambuca)
  • caffè lungo a “long” coffee, slightly more watered down
  • caffè americano longer than a lungo, a coffee with extra hot water
  • caffè macchiato a “stained” coffee, with a drop of milk
  • caffè schiumato just like a macchiato, but only with milk foam
  • cappuccino a shot of coffee with steamed foamy and creamy milk, typically taken at breakfast and not often served in restaurants
  • caffè latte like a cappuccino but with more milk, weaker than a cappuccino
  • latte macchiato hot or cold milk, with a drop of coffee
  • caffè marocchino a macchiato with cocoa and chocolate
  • caffè genovese a miniature cappuccino, served in a small coffee cup
  • caffè decaffeinato/hag decaf

Other drinks:

  • una cioccolata calda hot chocolate
  • un bicchiere d’acqua glass of water
  • un tè al latte/al limone tea with milk/lemon

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